Glass Listings Explanation


The pages showing our glassware show a separate line for each item. The number of items available is shown first, the item description is next, any special note about the item are displayed next, the price of the item comes next, and the last item is our inventory number. All of our glassware is identified in our inventory data base with the inventory number. Please include this number with your inquiries. For those items that show with a picture of a camera, an on-line photograph is available. Just click on the photo and the photo displays. We have photos of most all our items. If a picture of a camera is not shown and you wish a photo, please ask us to send it to you.


Item Availability


There is a lag time between the time we purchase or sell an item and the time it takes us to add or remove items from our web pages. We not only sell on the internet, we participate in glass and antique shows where items may be sold. In addition, we sell glass in a mall. In some cases, it may be a couple of weeks before we know whether an item has sold at the mall. The bottom line is, the item you want may have already been sold, or you may be looking for an item that is not on our lists.


Contacting Us


If you are wishing to purchase glassware, please send us an email by using your email program or by clicking the Email Logo at the end of this message. Please include the complete line entry including inventory number, for the items you are asking about, and if you want a shipping quote, please include your zip code. We will get back to you as soon as possible. If you decide to purchase an item, your complete address will be needed.


If you are looking for a particular piece or pattern, please send us an email to see if we have the item and have not had time to post it to our web site. In some cases, we work with other dealers to see if they have your item. We may refer you to them for special items you are seeking. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Shipping and Insurance


We ship glass all over the world, Japan, Guam, London, Canada, Australia, Poland, Russia, Podunk, and other places. We pack our glassware very well. Each item will be wrapped in bubble wrap, surrounded by packing peanuts. This has worked extremely well for us with only 2 cases of any items broken in shipping since 1996!!


We prefer to ship using U.S. Postal Service, priority mail, insured. We will ship, at your request, as you would like. However, we can take no responsibility for items not insured. We do not charge any handling fee or other fee not including the cost of shipping plus insurance.




Payment may be in any form: cash, money order, PayPal, personal check, corporate check, or certified check. Checks are deposited with the order mailed 10 days after deposit. For other forms of payment, orders are mailed as soon as possible, normally within 1 or 2 days. We would suggest that you not send cash; however, we have received cash in the past its just not a good practice for a buyer to follow!


The AAAC Guarantee


We guarantee that our items are as described. If, for some reason you believe that an item has been misrepresented, please contact us. If a misrepresentation has occurred, you may arrange to return the item for a full refund of purchase price and all shipping charges. Returns must be arranged for within 15 days of the item mailing date. Each item carries a special stamp. Please do not wash any item that you may wish to return as only those items bearing our stamp are returnable.




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